Driving in the Real World®

Driving in the Real World® is a blog I began writing in 2010 about just that—the art of driving safely and efficiently in the real world. In 2017, nearly 40,000 people died and over 2 million were injured in US traffic crashes. Nearly all of these crashes were completely avoidable; the root of this tragedy lies in insufficiently taking driving seriously and recognizing it for the surprisingly complex task it is.

Driving in the Real World® (DITRW®) is also a change agent for thinking differently about street driving and traffic safety in the real world. The United States ranks a dismal 29th out of 30 developed nations in traffic deaths. Let’s change this by exploring honestly what makes us the drivers we are and by approaching traffic safety as an entire ecosystem. That change can begin with you, today, as an individual driver.

Through its blog, social media, and ebook, DITRW® offers useful street-driving techniques, provocative thought-experiments, practical safety tips, and incredibly high-quality resources that will help you think and act differently as a better driver. It may also save your life and that of others. I also welcome opportunities to speak, write, and consult on traffic safety.

Many people don’t realize this, but what makes you a better driver also improves you in many other areas of life. This involves honestly self-examining our core values as individuals and a society and understanding why we’re often resistant to positive change. Traffic safety is a fantastic way to not only save lives but improve ourselves.

Let’s get curious enough to inquire and brave enough to change.


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