Driving in the Real World

Driving In The Real World

Driving in the Real World is a blog about just that--the art of driving safely and efficiently in the real world. In 2009, nearly 34,000 people died and over 2 million were injured in US traffic accidents. The vast majority of these accidents were completely avoidable; the root of this tragedy lies in insufficiently taking driving seriously and recognizing it for the surprisingly complex task it is.

American drivers don't get the training they truly need in standard driver education programs because of the low number of hours required behind an actual wheel, and because motorist handbooks often fail to address the nuances of real-life road situations. Most of what we learn about real-world driving is through trial and error on actual roads and after having a few accidents of our own. And every year, these deficiencies lay a faulty foundation on which we educate most of our teenagers and new adult drivers.

This blog chronicles the writing of my upcoming book, Driving in the Real World, with thoughts about driving more efficiently, dealing with distractions, sharpening our situational awareness, understanding vehicle dynamics, untangling puzzling traffic rules, and wisely using our increasing auto technology.

With this blog and book, I hope to start a new way of thinking about driving, a way of thinking that starts a movement toward safety. Ultimately, I hope to change how driver education is taught across America and to advocate for tightening the standards to get a US driver's license, all the way to the legislative level. The lives of a new generation of drivers are too important not to.

Thank you for visiting. I invite readers to share their own experiences and reflections on driving, and would especially love to hear suggestions for future topics and the book.

- Mi Ae

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